Jeff White

Trust · Loyalty · Respect

I'm Jeff White. I have been living in Salt Lake County since 1998. Through my life, I have resided in five different states.

In 2007 my wife, three children and I moved to West Valley. I hold an Associates Degree in Science, and my career has been centered on quality assurance and problem solving. I am currently administering safety programs for an R&D site.

  • Professional Problem Solver

  • Certified in Lean Management

  • Quality Assurance

  • Certified Safety Trainer

Volunteer Experience:
  • Nationally Certified Fencing Instructor

  • Assistant Dean, University of Scouting

  • Scoutmaster

  • EMT

Recently I volunteered 15 hours teaching the "Citizenship in the Community and Nation" merit badges to approximately 250 Scouts. These badges pertain to education in all levels of government.

The State's audit of our Unified Fire Authority has me concerned. I'm running to provide voters what I percieve to be a necessary alternative choice. We need someone who thinks outside the box with community assistance in their blood. I believe I am that someone.

I believe:
  • The County is not just services and infrastructure. The County is individuals and families.

  • Your money should stay in your pocket.

  • In Win-Wins.

  • No tax increases. No voting my own raise.

  • Understanding the bigger picture takes listening and research. I do both, in that order.

When you vote, please write in
Jeff White - County Councilmember District #2

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